Already have a WriteFreely or blog? ThiefMD can publish to them!

Please note image uploading will only work for Pro Users.

Adding a Connection ❤

ThiefMD adding WriteFreely connection

In the Preferences Ctrl+, click on Connections.

In the Add Connection section, click on “Write Freely”. This will prompt for your username, password, and Write Freely API URL.

If everything goes well, the blog will be added to the Current Connections list. You can click on the blog to remove it.

Writing for WriteFreely

ThiefMD supports adding a title.

Adding a Title

At the start of your file, you need to add a little YAML front-matter to specify the title.

title: My Awesome Post

Adding Content

For content, just use Markdown after the YAML frontmatter.

title: My Awesome Post

Hello Write Freely!


Today, I'm not sure what I want to write. I figured you all should know I had Vietnamese Food for lunch.

If you’re a Pro user, you can upload your images to, and copy the Share on markdown to include images in your post.

With this, ThiefMD will be ready to upload your images and you post through the Export window. Right-click on the post you want to publish, and click Export.

In the window, you can select as the Export Option. A Drop Down with your available collections will appear. Use this to choose where your post will appear.

As long as everything looks good, click on Export.

Once everything is done, links will appear to access the post along with a Token and ID corresponding to your post.

Happy Writing!