Linux Writing Tools

Looking to get started writing in Linux? Here’s a list of apps we enjoy from flathub. These apps will work on most Linux distributions with minimal effort.

Writing and Export

ThiefMD. Break apart your novel into smaller parts, and use ThiefMD to piece it all together into a single PDF, ePub, DocX, or more.

Finishing Manuscript Touches

LibreOffice or OnlyOffice are great for taking your DocX and putting on the finishing touches. The comments tool makes it great for getting feedback from editors. Styles will let you format the documentation for review or publishing. Start in markdown, finish with Pandoc or your favorite word processor.

Prefer LaTeX? TeXstudio is a great way to preview and polish your work. Setzer is a modern LaTeX editor built on GTK.

Task Management and To-Do Keeping

Planner works great with Todoist or on it’s own. Outline your novel with tasks, or just keep track of ideas. Participating in NaNoWriMo? Make sure you stay on track with reminders and due dates.

Mind Mapping

Minder. Looking to capture your thoughts, map out progression, or visualize how everything links together? Minder is a great app for that.

Note Taking

Tomboy is a Wiki-like note taking about. Build worlds, link characters, and keep everything connected. Notes-Up supports tagging and exporting in an elegant and modern interface. Keep working in markdown instead of needing to learn new syntax.

Bibliography Management

Setzer can handle basic BibTeX changes.

JabRef is a powerful Citation and Reference management tool.

Making a Cover Image

Krita is great for drawing or digitally painting the cover of your novel. GIMP is another great alternative. I find GIMP is great if you’re using a Photo as a starting point. Krita is great if you want to start from a blank canvas.

ePub Reader

Foliate is a simple e-reader for Linux. With multiple viewing modes, you’ll be sure to find the one that keeps you turning pages.


Feeds is a simple and powerful RSS reader. Stay up to date with the news, or keep getting those daily writing tips and prompts. Feeds’ clean and minimal interface will have you focused on your reading while you’re not writing.


Cawbird will help you stay up to date in the twitterverse. Share what your working on or just take a break.

Cloud Storage & Sync

DropBox or VGrive (Google Drive) will help keep you in sync. Work from multiple computers, or stay confident with your files backed up to the cloud.