Stability And Improvements

WordPress got a huge update with Featured Image. In the YAML, just add cover-image or featured-image to the frontmatter.

title: My Fancy Blogpost
featured-image: /images/my-featured-image.jpeg

Publishing to and have a Pro Account? image uploading is now supported.

New Translations

Did you know Poeditor can be used to help translate ThiefMD? People have been submitting translations:

Thanks to everyone contributing!

UI Accessibility

We’ve added borders to sheets in the sidebar when using the OS Theme.

Stability Improvements

We’ve improved how heading margins are calculated, which means… we’ve relaxed font selection. You’re still only limited to the family, but more should appear in the selector.

We’ve lowered the chances of crashing in experimental mode. When selecting text with experimental mode, bold links will become normal font as invisible text can cause a crash if formatted differently from surrounding text.

We made Experimental Mode Faster! We now check your proximity to hidden URLs instead of always scanning the whole document.

Bug Fixes

Fixed and issue where PDF export tried using non-PDF themes.

More advanced Regex highlighting. Reference Links next to In-line links should look good in most cases.

More to come…

We’re still working on Tagging and Categories for WordPress and Ghost. Checkout the ThiefMD Project Board to see what we have planned, and let us know how we can empower you to do more!